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Is it right decision to use an inexpensive HDMI 1.4 cables for your sophisticated HDTV?

High-definition television (HDTV) is television that has a higher standard in the level of modernity, systems, style, including accompanying devices. When compared with analog television, HDTV has a lot to provide benefits for life in modern times like today. Some of them we hear most often and most enjoyable is the resolution significantly. Screen resolution of analog TV is about 512×400 pixels. HDTV uses a digital display, such as your computer monitor, and at least 1280×720 pixel resolution screens to show the location of sophistication. It is because analog television using a cathode ray tube to give a picture to you, which was to be limiting in picture quality.

Aspect ratio greater than analog television is also a source of pride on an HDTV. HDTV is 16:9. Analog TV has an aspect ratio of only 4:3. And if you notice, in addition to image quality is much better than analog television; HDTV also has various other features and capabilities outside the television channels, such as: internet connection, music capabilities, 3D, and so forth.

To obtain satisfactory results in the appearance of any event which is enjoyed, HDTV requires an HDMI cable as an intermediary for that. HDMI Cable 1080p at least has the speed, especially for 3D. Because each eye will be transferred twice frame. This means, the transfer rate becomes important to the success of the cable provides a 3D image of the disk to the HD screen.

And one of the cheapest HDMI cable is 1.4 cables. While we do know is that the HDTV as an entertainment tool costly to have the original device is more expensive than analog television. So, whether the 1.4 cable is the right device to have as a replacement, or at least a backup for your home HDTV? If you’re thinking in this direction, then you should know the following to be an additional consideration.

First, that the HDMI 1.4 cables are made to facilitate the television with the ability of ‘HD Ready’ and not for 3D Full HD TV. The difference seen in the transfer value for the ‘HD-Ready’ is substantially lower. HDMI 1.4 cable is more appropriately used on 720p TV, and not in 1080p on an HDTV like in general. If you still decide to use an HDMI 1.4 cable, then you must be prepared for more frequent buy the cable because of its durability will not be long due to the imbalance between the transmitter and what is delivered.

Second, that the HDMI 1.4 cable prices have dropped dramatically. Comparison of prices reached five to six times as much. If some time ago sold for $ 50 that are sold now for $ 9. Even there also is selling the cable is priced at $ 3. This seems a bit odd to be complementary

Third, with so many capabilities and features that facilitate HDTV viewers, such as Internet, 3D HDTV, blu-ray 3D, 3D camcorder etc. will make the audience do not get bored and want more time in front of the television. That is, an HDMI cable at a price below $ 10 will work longer. In the end, all the components and overall performance will be damaged because of the imbalance. Is not better to spend some dollars more to purchase an HDMI cable rather than spend tens, even hundreds of dollars to repair HDTV?

After you know this, what do you think? Is it right decision to use an inexpensive HDMI 1.4 cables for your sophisticated HDTV?